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100+ Structure Phrases That Will Assist You Describe Buildings Higher

100 Architecture Terms to Help You Describe Buildings Better

Drawings: Samantha Pires/My Trendy Met

Are you an structure fan? Whether or not you’re an architectural designer your self or simply an structure lover, you will have seen that there are a whole lot of particular and technical phrases that include speaking about buildings. That’s the reason My Trendy Met has put collectively a useful checklist of 100 structure phrases that can assist you describe buildings higher.

A few of these phrases describe fashionable kinds of structure. Others describe particular phrases that you could be acknowledge however didn’t know what the design component was referred to as. Although this isn’t a conclusive checklist, it’s a nice vary of phrases which may open you as much as new kinds and ideas associated to structure. Maintain studying to see what number of phrases you acknowledge!

Listed below are over 100 structure phrases that may allow you to describe buildings higher!


Amphitheater Definition - 100 Architecture Terms to Help You Describe Buildings Better

Drawings: Samantha Pires/My Trendy Met

An amphitheater is a constructing kind popularly utilized in Greek and Roman structure. Amphitheaters are sometimes designed with a round flooring plan the place the bottom acts as a stage space and seating is offered radially across the stage transferring upwards. Amphitheaters are sometimes used for performs, sporting tournaments, or different occasions.


In structure, an arcade is an outlined passageway that may be marked in just a few alternative ways. Arcades could be the passageway underneath a sequence of arches, the world between arches and a wall, or only a lined walkway between arches. Arcades can occur on the outside as a semi-enclosed area or on the inside.


An arch is a type of construction discovered all through a lot of structure. It makes use of a curve to span an area from two factors. There are just a few completely different sorts of arches and they are often made in lots of supplies, however the core structural idea is all the time the identical.



In Classical structure, an architrave is the bottom a part of the entablature that rests simply above the columns, performing as a beam of lintel. In modern constructing development, an architrave refers back to the molding round rectangular openings like doorways and home windows.


Artwork Deco

Artwork Deco structure is a novel constructing aesthetic that took place through the bigger Artwork Deco motion across the Nineteen Twenties. It options glamorous detailing with usually geometric façades and signature classic fonts. Although the fashion was short-lived, it stays an iconic and recognizable aesthetic.

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Artwork Nouveau

Artwork Nouveau structure is a design fashion that sought to create one unified fashion that blurred the road between structure, inside design, furnishings design, portray, and extra. Designers of Artwork Nouveau structure would attempt to create a “full work.” These works have been usually very cohesive of their design fashion and intricately detailed. You’ll be able to acknowledge Artwork Nouveau structure for its romantic detailing, metalwork, and integration of sculpture.

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Arts and Crafts

The Arts and Crafts motion was a pattern in structure and design that pushed again towards the commercial revolution. Whereas earlier traits tried to modernize and standardize good design, this pattern celebrated handmade issues and tried to encourage extra creativity. Although the pattern was current in structure, it may be discovered in lots of different artwork types of the time as properly.


An atrium is any inside quantity in a constructing. Atriums are just like inside courtyards however they’re sometimes enclosed and conditioned versus open to the weather. These areas are sometimes a serious characteristic and shared area in a constructing.



A balustrade is a railing or wall on a staircase or balcony. It’s made out of particular person posts, referred to as balusters, topped by a rail.


Barrel Vault

A barrel vault is a straightforward type of a vault—or extruded arch. Barrel vaults are a steady extrusion although some vaults featured ornamentation alongside the floor as an alternative of a plain extrusion.


The belfry is the place the bell could be present in a bell tower—additionally the place Quasimodo lived in The Hunchback of Notre Dame. A belfry is a typical characteristic in outdated church buildings.

Béton brut

Béton brut interprets to “uncooked concrete” from the unique French. It refers back to the aesthetic of unfinished concrete after being faraway from formwork. This is a crucial time period as a result of the looks of béton brut was a serious pinnacle of modernism. Particularly, the aesthetic of béton brut led to the architectural fashion of Brutalism—and in addition gave the favored fashion its title.


Biomimicry is when structure copies processes or kinds present in nature. Biomimicry is utilized in structure each for aesthetics and for buildings features. A constructing’s system for conditioning air may mimic a forest for effectivity. Columns could also be designed to appear to be bushes merely for aesthetics.


Biophilia is the concept that people have a pure need to be surrounded by nature. Designers usually use the speculation of biophilia as a directive, assembly this need by introducing a visible or bodily connection to nature inside or close to a constructing.


Bracing is reinforcement to a structural system. One type of bracing is cross bracing which options two members organized in an X-shape in order that one offers with rigidity and the opposite with compression.

Brise Soleil

Brise soleil, or brise-soleil, is a French time period that interprets to “solar breaker.” It refers to deflecting the daylight that heats a constructing to naturally cool the inside. One fashionable type of deflecting daylight is thru louvers, one other time period on this checklist.


Brutalism Definition - 100 Architecture Terms to Help You Describe Buildings Better

Drawings: Samantha Pires/My Trendy Met

Brutalism is a well-known architectural fashion that first grew to become fashionable within the Nineteen Fifties. It’s a controversial fashion that primarily options unfinished concrete in monumental or geometric blocks. The title for Brutalism comes from one other time period on this checklist, béton brut.

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A buttress is a type of construction that helps to strengthen a wall. Buttresses are constructed towards the wall—or close to the wall, and so they attain throughout to assist help the wall. There are just a few completely different sorts of buttresses, together with flying buttresses that are outlined later on this checklist.

Byzantine Structure

Byzantine structure is a method of structure that celebrated advancing expertise and glamorous detailing. It grew to become fashionable underneath Emperor Justinian within the sixth century. One of the vital well-known examples of Byzantine structure is Hagia Sophia, which options all the favored traits of the fashion together with a better than ordinary dome and dramatic ornamentation.

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A cover is the cantilevering protection of an outdoor space. Canopies are sometimes constructed over entrances to shelter individuals from rain or to supply them with shade. Although some canopies are easy coverings, some architects flip canopies into lovely installations and artistic endeavors with a spread of supplies.


A cantilever is the portion of a constructing that protrudes out. Some cantilevers are easy, like when a deck pushes out only a bit previous the final beam. Different examples of a cantilever could be excessive—like when huge parts of a constructing appear to defy gravity with no help the place it cantilevers. The frequent rule for cantilevers is 1/3 of a bit can overhang and a pair of/3 of a bit is supported.


Caryatids are an iconic a part of historical Greek structure. A caryatid is a sculptural column within the type of a lady. One of the vital well-known makes use of of caryatids is on the porch of the Erechtheion in Athens, Greece.

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In structure, circulation refers back to the pathways that individuals use to get round a constructing. Circulation is made up of hallways, paths individuals take to cross a room, and another method individuals expertise the structure. Circulation additionally contains the way in which individuals transfer across the exterior of a constructing.


Classical structure refers to Greek and Roman structure of classical antiquity. These classical buildings influenced numerous design concepts that got here after and are nonetheless steadily utilized in public buildings all over the world.


Colonial Structure

Colonial structure can imply just a few completely different design kinds. It occurs when a rustic is colonized and begins to make use of structure from the nation colonizing it. At instances, the ensuing design fashion is a reproduction of concepts from the mom nation; different instances, it’s an fascinating mixture of each international locations’ aesthetics.



Contemporary Architecture Definition - 100 Architecture Terms to Help You Describe Buildings Better

Drawings: Samantha Pires/My Trendy Met

Modern structure is among the hardest kinds of structure to outline. Not like different actions like modernism, the twenty first century doesn’t have one explicit fashion that’s according to most new tasks. Some examples of latest structure are postmodern others are futurist, and nonetheless many others are a mix of various kinds.



In structure, context refers back to the space round an architectural undertaking. It is a crucial concept to know as a result of many architects consider that their buildings ought to match properly into the context. “Context plans” is a website plan that exhibits the bigger space—or context—surrounding a undertaking.

Context may confer with the conceptual associated areas as an alternative of a bodily place. For instance, somebody may speak about a constructing’s relationship to historic context.



Corbusian is an adjective used to explain structure of the identical fashion of Le Corbusier. Le Corbusier was the favored title for Swiss architect Charles-Édouard Jeanneret, one of the well-known architects to ever reside. His modernist fashion was primarily based on concepts of functionalism and a few concepts that comply with this logic are typically known as Corbusian.



In structure, a core is a vertical void in a constructing that may serve just a few completely different functions. A circulation core is the vertical grouping of an elevator, stair, or pair of the 2. A core may confer with a service core that’s vertically steady all through the constructing. When you take a look at a sequence of flooring plans of a constructing, you might be able to spot the core by discovering the continual program on the identical spot on every flooring—for instance, the dimensions and placement of the steps ought to typically keep the identical for a lot of ranges.



The Corinthian order is certainly one of three classical orders in Historical Greek and Roman structure. It’s the most elaborate of all three orders and was the final developed. The orders are best to differentiate by the ornamentation discovered within the column heads.



Cruciform means taking the type of a cross. This can be a frequent time period in structure as a result of many buildings—particularly cathedrals and church buildings—are designed with cruciform flooring plans.



A cupola is a small dome-like construction that tops a constructing. Usually constructed on a sq., round, or lantern base, it could possibly present gentle and circulation along with serving as an ornamental characteristic. The inside vault of a dome can also be referred to as a cupola.



Curvilinear structure contains curved traces. It’s usually understood as the other of rectilinear which can also be outlined on this checklist.



Deconstructivism is one type of Postmodern structure. It’s outlined by fragmented and distorted architectural parts. Probably the most well-known instance of deconstructivism is by starchitect Frank Gehry.

See extra examples of deconstructivism: 10 Influential Buildings by Postmodern Architect Frank Gehry



A diagram is a simplified drawing that helps break down ideas. Although diagrams are utilized in many fields aside from structure, diagrams are an vital a part of structure drawings. They assist break down concepts as broad as an idea behind a constructing to as detailed as mechanical methods in a undertaking.



Dome Definition - 100 Architecture Terms to Help You Describe Buildings Better

Drawings: Samantha Pires/My Trendy Met

A dome is a structural system within the type of a half sphere that comes from a easy arch. Domes could be made in lots of sizes and from many supplies. They’re main options in numerous architectural works.



The Doric order is certainly one of three classical orders in Historical Greek and Roman structure. It’s the easiest of all three orders and was the primary to be developed. The orders are best to differentiate by the ornamentation discovered within the column heads. On this case, the column head has little ornamentation.


Constructing egress is the pathways individuals take to securely exit a constructing. It contains vertical circulation, hallways, and another actions individuals take to exit. Designing the egress of a constructing is a important consideration for architects.



Elevation Definition - 100 Architecture Terms to Help You Describe Buildings Better

Drawings: Samantha Pires/My Trendy Met

An elevation is one form of architectural drawing used to explain a undertaking. It’s a horizontal orthographic projection of a constructing that represents one façade of a constructing. For that reason, designers additionally use the time period elevation to imply a sure façade of a constructing, like when speaking a few south elevation.


Typical of Classical structure, an entablature is a grouping of horizontal moldings and bands that’s supported by columns. An entablature serves as a transition between the columns and the pediment or roof and is usually embellished with aid sculpture.



In structure, a constructing envelope refers back to the exterior partitions of a constructing. It contains all exterior partitions, roof methods, apertures, and anything that separates the inside of the constructing from the outside of the constructing.



Fabrication refers back to the method issues are put collectively in structure. Modern strategies of fabrication embrace 3D printing and using robotics, however the time period refers to any method of constructing of a bodily object.



In structure, a façade is a face of the constructing. Façades are additionally typically known as an elevation, an idea described earlier on this checklist.



In structure, fenestration is the mix of home windows and doorways on a façade and the way they’re organized on a constructing. Whereas these openings serve an apparent practical goal, there’s a whole lot of room for design within the fenestration of a constructing.


Flooring Plan

A flooring plan is among the most crucial types of architectural drawing. It’s the illustration of a piece from above that cuts via partitions to indicate the clearest illustration of all areas. Many flooring plans are labeled to greatest present the features of every area. Different frequent particulars embrace the swinging instructions of doorways, entry, vertical circulation, wall thicknesses that designate materials, window reduce outs, and furnishings.


Flying Buttress

Flying Buttress Definition - 100 Architecture Terms to Help You Describe Buildings Better

Drawings: Samantha Pires/My Trendy Met

The flying buttress is a particular form of buttress that’s constructed on a separate pier and connects to the wall that it helps. The time period flying describes the truth that it’s not constructed towards the wall it helps—as in a conventional buttress as outlined earlier on this checklist—and as an alternative connects utilizing an arch that “flies” from the pier to the connecting wall.


Free Plan

A free plan, or “open plan” as it’s typically referred to as, is when a flooring plan is fastidiously designed to restrict the necessity for load-bearing partitions. The main load is carried by the outer partitions and columns carry the remaining. The open plan permits for extra freedom since there aren’t any additional partitions to restrict design.


French Door

French doorways are a pair of picket doorways with giant glass areas that reach many of the peak. The glass on the doorways are sometimes divided into smaller panels. French doorways are sometimes in pairs (however not all the time) and they’re usually used to separate a again entry or different inside situation, since they don’t provide a lot privateness as a entrance door.


A frieze is a typical design component in traditional structure. It’s a lengthy, skinny space between the cornice and the column capitals and is roofed in sculptural parts.


A gable is the triangular portion between intersecting roof pitches. Gable roofs are environment friendly as a result of the steep slope permits for water to empty simply and for higher inside air flow.


Gentrification is when the distinctive qualities of an city space are misplaced and appropriated when wealthier individuals start to maneuver in. The realm begins to alter and the present residents are priced out. Although it’s not a purely architectural time period, gentrification impacts the city surroundings and the buildings constructed there.

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Gothic structure is a well-liked fashion primarily present in Europe within the twelfth and sixteenth centuries. It’s characterised by rib vaults, ornate tracery, and flying buttresses—all phrases we outline right here on this checklist.

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Groin Vault

Groin Vault Definition - 100 Architecture Terms to Help You Describe Buildings Better

Drawings: Samantha Pires/My Trendy Met

A groin vault is a sort of vault also called a double barrel vault or a cross vault. It’s referred to as a groin vault as a result of two barrel vaults intersect and create a groin edge.



Industrial is a time period usually used to outline modern tasks with plenty of metal, modern polished surfaces, clear angular traces, and industrial fashion supplies.


Ionic Definition - 100 Architecture Terms to Help You Describe Buildings Better

Drawings: Samantha Pires/My Trendy Met

The Ionic order is certainly one of three classical orders in Historical Greek and Roman structure. It’s the second order to be developed and is the center floor by way of ornamentation.


Isometrics are a type of architectural drawing that helps signify 3D objects in 2D drawings. It permits for an simply comprehensible view of a easy perspective.


Juxtaposition Definition - 100 Architecture Terms to Help You Describe Buildings Better

Drawings: Samantha Pires/My Trendy Met

Juxtaposition doesn’t confer with an architectural component however it’s a frequent phrase used to explain an architectural concept. In structure, juxtaposition is when two reverse issues are positioned subsequent two one another to emphasise the distinction.


Keystone Definition - 100 Architecture Terms to Help You Describe Buildings Better

Drawings: Samantha Pires/My Trendy Met

The keystone is the middle wedge-shaped piece of masonry on the heart of an arch. It retains all the opposite items in place and helps to maintain the arch structurally sound.



A lintel is a horizontal block that spans a gap. It’s usually discovered over doorways or home windows.



Louvers Definition - 100 Architecture Terms to Help You Describe Buildings Better

Drawings: Samantha Pires/My Trendy Met

Louvers are a design component used to maintain gentle from coming into a constructing. Louvers are available in many sizes and styles and infrequently develop into a serious a part of the design intent.



A maqsurah is a typical mosque component. It’s a small enclosed space close to the mihrab—a time period additionally outlined on this checklist. The maqsurah was reserved for rulers visiting the mosque so as to shield them from any potential assaults whereas praying.



A massing is the final dimension and form of a constructing. Massings are sometimes step one in a conceptual examine when designers outline the final boundaries of the constructing. The time period massing is used later within the design course of to explain architectural volumes.



A mezzanine is a half flooring in a constructing. Mezzanines are typically open to an atrium that’s sometimes a double-height area or taller.



Mihrab Definition - 100 Architecture Terms to Help You Describe Buildings Better

Drawings: Samantha Pires/My Trendy Met

A mihrab is a crucial design component in a mosque that serves a important operate. It’s a wall area of interest that helps orient the congregation in direction of Mecca throughout prayer.



A minaret is a conventional tower in or close to a mosque. It’s an iconic design component of the mosque typology but it surely additionally serves a number of features. Minarets are used to name Muslims to come back and pray on the time of prayer.


Trendy Structure

Trendy structure doesn’t simply imply the structure of right this moment. It refers to a particular architectural motion wherein architects tried to discover a common language of design that might swimsuit everybody. There have been just a few completely different particular sorts of modernism, however all adopted the essential concept of utilizing concepts of operate to outline structure.

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Structure primarily based on a modular idea makes use of a set system of repeated models aggregated to create a completed undertaking. For instance, a tower might use a modular system the place every unit within the system is a set of models. These models could be stacked in fascinating methods.



Structure that’s monumental has an air of permanence or heaviness. Well-known architect Louis Kahn described monumental structure as inspiring a non secular high quality.



Mullions are the vertical members that separate parts of a window, display, or curtain wall. Mullions help the construction of the window and permit for smaller parts of glass.



Nave Definition - 100 Architecture Terms to Help You Describe Buildings Better

Drawings: Samantha Pires/My Trendy Met

The nave is the lengthy, slender central a part of the Christian church. It reaches from the doorway to the intersection of the cruciform form—additionally referred to as the transepts.



“Neo” precedes just a few architectural kinds and means a reemergence of a method again in to reputation. For instance, neoclassical structure is a up to date fashion that imitates the unique classical works of Historical Greek and Rome.



An oculus is a round opening on the heart of a dome. One of the vital fashionable examples of an oculus is within the Pantheon.

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Ornamentation Definition - 100 Architecture Terms to Help You Describe Buildings Better

Drawings: Samantha Pires/My Trendy Met

Ornamentation is just any type of ornament on a bit of structure. Ornamentation is usually embedded in constructions, home windows, or different items of structure. In some kinds, it’s tough to differentiate what’s ornamentation and what’s pure operate.



The palazzo is an architectural kind within the Nineteenth and twentieth centuries. They’re giant monumental buildings impressed by the palaces of rich Italian Renaissance households.



A parapet is a low boundary alongside the sting of a roof that acts as a railing for those that may fall over the sting.



The phrase parti comes from “parti pris” which suggests “determination taken.” A parti is an idea or scheme that describes the idea behind an architectural undertaking. A parti sometimes takes the type of a diagram.



In structure, a pavilion is an off-the-cuff construction that’s usually momentary. They’re typically architectural installations or additions to gardens or public areas.



Notably main in Classical structure, a pediment is a triangular gable forming the top of the roof slope over a portico. Usually present in historical Greek and Roman temples, pediments have been usually full of aid sculptures.



Picturesque structure is a method from the late-18th and early-Nineteenth centuries that comes from the associated creative fashion. It thought-about structure together with panorama for one composed scene.



Pilotis Definition - 100 Architecture Terms to Help You Describe Buildings Better

Drawings: Samantha Pires/My Trendy Met

Pilotis are small columns that elevate a constructing off the bottom plain like stilts. They’re fashionable in lots of conventional and indigenous kinds, however essentially the most well-known examples in structure is their use in modernism, specifically in Le Corbusier’s Villa Savoye.



A plinth is an elevated pedestal that helps to distribute weight and create a grander look for a constructing or a portion of a constructing.



A portico is a porch on the entrance of a Classical constructing. The portico is roofed by a roof that’s held up by columns. It’s a type of a cover, one other time period outlined on this checklist.


Postmodern Structure

Postmodern structure is a design fashion that took place within the ’60s as a response to modernism. The fashion was playful and quirky as a result of it believed that modernists have been too boring and targeted on operate. It was characterised by enjoyable colours and fascinating geometries.

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In structure, a procession is the trail one takes whereas coming into or passing via a piece. It’s usually a path that was fastidiously thought-about as a sequence of framed views. One instance of an vital procession in an architectural work is the procession adopted in church buildings by clergymen reaching the alter.



In structure, constructing program refers back to the operate of an area. A cultural heart might embrace constructing packages like lecture rooms, occasion areas, and a cafeteria.

A program may confer with a pc program used to 3D mannequin an structure undertaking or full structure drawings.



Rectilinear designs are made up of largely straight traces and proper angles. It’s usually understood as the other of curvilinear which can also be outlined on this checklist.



Renaissance structure was the design fashion of a interval of European revival. A lot of the fashion was impressed by Classical structure. The traits of Renaissance structure targeted on proportions within the seek for excellent magnificence. They studied the human physique compared to buildings and tried to create an ideal work via integration of structure, artwork, and sculpture.


Rib Vault

Rib Vault Definition - 100 Architecture Terms to Help You Describe Buildings Better

Drawings: Samantha Pires/My Trendy Met

A rib vault is a sort of vault made up of crossed diagonal arches that appear to be ribs. Rib vaults are extraordinarily fashionable structural concepts discovered all through many kinds.



Romanesque structure is a historic fashion fashionable for a spread of time in medieval Europe. The fashion is just like Roman and Byzantine structure and options traits of each, together with spherical arches, groin vaults, and loads of artwork and sculpture.



In structure, a display is a façade component that’s usually partially clear or porous. Screens generally is a masonry wall of a particular masonry unit, a rain display system, or an analogous screen-like system.



A bit is a crucial architectural drawing that enables us to chop via a constructing and see what it appears to be like like inside. This drawing is vital as a result of it permits us a view what we might by no means have seen in actual life and it permits us to know the connection between completely different packages.



In structure, a setback is when a constructing is recessed again. This might confer with a setback on avenue degree for a garden or plaza between the constructing and the sidewalk. A setback might additionally confer with when a portion of a constructing is setback from the extent beneath it. Many NYC towers embrace setbacks as they develop taller.


Photo voltaic Acquire

Photo voltaic achieve is the quantity of daylight that enters a constructing or hits a cloth. It is a crucial consideration in structure as a result of daylight brings in pure gentle, but it surely additionally heats the constructing. Minimizing photo voltaic achieve is usually needed to enhance the cooling of a constructing.



Spire Definition - 100 Architecture Terms to Help You Describe Buildings Better

Drawings: Samantha Pires/My Trendy Met

A spire is the decorative tip of a tower. Although they’re sometimes related to Gothic structure and different older kinds, spires are nonetheless utilized in modern buildings, particularly skyscrapers.



In structure, a stoop is a porch with steps on the entrance of a constructing. Since stoops are sometimes present in entrance of homes or condominium buildings, they act as an off-the-cuff public area. Stoops are a terrific instance of structure enjoying an vital cultural function.



Tracery Definition - 100 Architecture Terms to Help You Describe Buildings Better

Drawings: Samantha Pires/My Trendy Met

Tracery is the practical ornamentation that breaks up a bigger window into smaller panels. Tracery is an iconic component of Gothic structure the place delicate stonework provides lovely element to cathedrals and visually breaks up huge home windows.



A turret is a small tower sometimes on the nook of a constructing. Turrets are an iconic characteristic of castles since they allowed for guards to look out in protection of the constructing. They’re additionally typically utilized in houses and different constructing varieties purely for aesthetics.



Typology is the way in which to categorise issues in accordance with related traits. In structure, typology is a typical time period that helps characterize several types of buildings by kinds, packages, and different similarities.



A vault is a self-supported arched extrusion. There are various types of vaults which are outlined by how the arch is sustained. On this checklist, we outline barrel vault, groin vault, and rib vault.



Veneer Definition - 100 Architecture Terms to Help You Describe Buildings Better

Drawings: Samantha Pires/My Trendy Met

A veneer is a skinny materials utilized to a different materials. A veneer generally is a skinny sheet of stone, wooden, or many different choices. They’re an inexpensive and easy method to create a brand new desired impact.



Vernacular structure is any fashion that’s native to a particular space and time. Vernacular structure is the other of the Worldwide fashion, which sought to search out frequent design concepts that labored anyplace on the earth. Vernacular structure relies on custom and infrequently depends on supplies and information from the world.



A vestibule is a small entrance space that individuals go via earlier than reaching a bigger area. Vestibules assist to scale back the quantity of warmth misplaced each time a door is opened by permitting for a spot earlier than conditioned air is let loose of the constructing. This course of saves cash within the conditioning of an area and can also be extra environmentally pleasant.


Victorian Structure

Victorian structure is a method fashionable through the finish of the Nineteenth century. The title Victorian comes from Queen Victoria, since she was in energy on the peak of the fashion’s reputation. Victorian structure is characterised by pitched roofs, colourful brick, ornate gables, and the tall, iconic turrets.



Architectural visualization, or arch viz as it’s typically referred to as, is the method of making 2D photographs of a 3D mannequin. It’s used as a presentation software through the design and development of an architectural work.



Ziggurat Definition - 100 Architecture Terms to Help You Describe Buildings Better

Drawings: Samantha Pires/My Trendy Met

A ziggurat is a typical constructing kind in Historical Mesopotamia that’s just like a pyramid. Ziggurats are made up of terraces that recede as they get nearer to the highest. Monumental stairs are sometimes included on either side. Ziggurats have been designed to convey individuals nearer to heaven.

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