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Leibal — Home in Oharu

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Home in Oharu is a minimalist house situated in Aichi, Japan, designed by Taso Architects Atelier. Spanning an space of 200 sq. meters, the venture merges the location and construction right into a cohesive entity designed to supply the occupants a retreat from the prying eyes of the skin world. The strategy to attaining privateness diverges from the standard methodology of erecting limitations. As a substitute, it fosters a way of seclusion via an progressive architectural format that dilutes the standard sense of orientation and connection to the encompassing properties. The architectural plan is predicated on a classy grid system that comes with the usual XY axes and introduces further axes at a 45-degree shift.

This framework permits for a mixture of parallel and perpendicular varieties, over which diagonal parts are superimposed, creating a fancy layering of partitions and ceilings. The first purpose is to not distance the home from its neighbors bodily however to disrupt the visible and spatial connection via strategic angular changes. This manipulation challenges the innate human potential to discern path based mostly on acquainted cues, thereby redefining the occupants’ relationship with their speedy exterior environment. By simplifying the interplay between the construction’s traces and surfaces, the design enhances the importance of the constructing’s spatial grid.

The angular discrepancies give rise to a number of distinctive areas inside the property, together with the east backyard, courtyard, north backyard, south atrium, and west atrium. These areas, outlined by their polygonal shapes, facilitate a dynamic play of sunshine and shadow all through the day, marking the passage of time and contributing to the general sensory expertise of the area. Materials choice performs an important function in accentuating this interaction between gentle and shadow, with uneven surfaces and finishes employed to focus on the altering high quality of daylight. The house owner’s appreciation for the serene ambiance within the morning and the calming impact within the night underscores the success of the design in making a dwelling area that’s each a non-public sanctuary and a canvas for the pure parts.


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