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Leibal — Martelaar

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Martelaar is a minimalist residence positioned in Ghent, Belgium, designed by Machteld D’Hollander. The initiative sought to reconfigure the world by way of cautious demolition, reinvigorating the house with vegetation, whereas mindfully preserving sure structural parts. The revitalization course of led to the development of two semi-transparent backyard pavilions, making a visually interesting interaction between constructed constructions and pure setting. The structure appears to oscillate between home and backyard, blurring the boundaries and leading to what could possibly be termed a “backyard home.”

The personal residence inside this architectural scheme is cleverly linked to, but distinctly separated from, an adjoining skilled observe. The architects have used partitions and pavilions to form particular person backyard rooms, every possessing its distinctive ambiance. These areas act as each a barrier and a window, producing a wide range of views that cater to completely different preferences and capabilities. The design philosophy right here appears to embrace a playful sense of thriller and discovery. Views are alternately opened and hidden, resulting in an ongoing expertise of “conceal, search, and play” that varies in response to the observer’s place and objective.


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